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IDRM Seminar Series kicks off with a talk by Prof. Richard White

An audience of students listens to a speaker in a seminar room

The Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine hosted its first IDRM Seminar Series talk on the 25th of January with speaker Professor Richard White, Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research.

The seminar, titled 'Developmental programmes in cancer', was attended by students and researchers working at IDRM, the Department of Paediatrics, the Department of Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics, and other institutes on Old Road Medical Research Campus.

In his talk, Professor Richard White shared his lab's recent findings on how developmental principles can be used to understand cancer initiation and progression. He discussed why mutations are cell-type specific and why understanding how the cancer genome interacts with these developmental programs is central to determining which cells are capable of tumor initiation.

The whole-day event included a lunch with IDRM's students and postdoctoral researchers, a Q&A session after the seminar, and a drinks reception.

About the speaker:

Richard White, M.D., Ph.D, is a professor at the University of Oxford and an adjunct faculty member at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. His lab is interested in the intersection between developmental biology and cancer biology. 

About the IDRM Seminar Series:

The Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine will hold monthly seminars hosted by IDRM's research fellows with insightfull talks from some of the most prominent researchers working across the themes of developmental biology, regenerative medicine, cardiovascular science, neuroscience, and immunology.


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